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Gepland, Vol: ZARIA - Wargame, Russia, 15-16 September 2018
Hi! I hope I found right subforum to post this information. Sorry for writing in English, but I'm from Russia and it's the only foreign language I know (it's a pity Confused ). If I somehow bent the rules of the forum - please tell me, so I can correct everything. I read the rules via Google Translate, that's why I'm not sure  Angel .

I'd like to tell you about games in Russia, because I really hope that more foreign players will come to play airsoft in our country. Also I hope we can help Russian players visit your games. Airsoft without borders! 

On September 15, the world's largest military-tactical daily game "ZARYA - WARGAME" will take place. This is the thirteenth game of the series. It takes place at a military training ground, 40 kilometers from Moscow.
The game involved modern Russian military equipment: tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, helicopters. The game itself runs for 24 hours, but many players come in advance to chat and have a good time in a friendly atmosphere.
The number of participants reaches five thousand people. Airsoft players from China, Israel, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Brazil, Estonia, Greece, and other countries come to the game.
We are ready to answer your questions. In the meantime, we’d like to share a few photos and videos from previous games of our organizational group.

[Afbeelding: 36bc3875e8c64cdc5f6a80abd66bf3e8-full.jpg]
[Afbeelding: 0349deab712e69642a27c80b16dd8a23-full.jpg]
[Afbeelding: cbefba965e587a5214a15e9aca8a3735-full.jpg]
[Afbeelding: 71574b34f772798473610774b615dee7-full.jpg]
[Afbeelding: 4babcf989f2ab8684996cca2a6d0db66-full.jpg]
[Afbeelding: e07bf6cedc71e14839dd7c5842d3ea48-full.jpg]
[Afbeelding: 577409d427c745961937882af703f283-full.jpg]
Hello! As I said before - I'd like to show you some videos from the game. This is a video made by RedWolf Airsoft TV at ZARIA - WARGAME VII. And soon we'll have the XIII's one. Every time it's goes more and more impressive! 

Oups - the video didn't attach. Get the link: 

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