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China Air Column Film Roll
Which adopts high quality LLDPE raw material with high percents nylon make sure the air column bag more stronger,effectively protect sensitive goods from shocks.
● Lightweight 99% air and 1% plastic.
● Sustainable: Recyclable and 90% source reduction.
● Product cushioning within an barrier.
● Increase productivity by reducing labor,material.
● Moisture, Anti-shock, non-toxic, safe.
●Individual valve chambers for non-catastrophic failure.
Brand:UNO PACKType:F-400 ABC
Size:width400mm x 400m/rollThickness:from 70 to 140μm
Width of air column:3cm(inflated:2cm)Bespoken serviceTonguerinting logo
Packaging:400m/roll(single packaging or 4rolls/box)China Air Column Film Roll

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